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1. Is everything Gluten Free in your Menu?
Yes, all of our food ingredients are 100 % Gluten Free. All of our facilities are also 100% Gluten Free, including our food truck.
2. Are all your pizzas Vegan?
 We have 12 Flatbread Pizzas in our menu. Of the 12 Flatbread Pizzas, 7 are vegetarian  and can be made with our Dairy Free Vegan Cheese. If you can't find something you like from the menu, we encourage you to  customize your pizza to suit your preferences.
3. Does your pizza crust contain Egg?
There is no egg in our pizza crust.
4. Is there Dairy in any of your meats?
We only use meats of the highest quality, and none contain modified milk ingredients. Lactose and Modified Milk Ingredients are usually found in food products of inferior quality.
5. Do any of your meats contain added Hormones or Antibiotics?
They do not have added hormones or antibiotics. We only purchase meats that are free of these added chemical compounds. Of course, all animals have naturally occurring hormones that have no harmful side effects on us.
6. Is everything Organic in your menu?
We regret to inform you that not everything in our menu is Organic. If it is not organic, however, rest assured that we do everything we can to ensure that ingredients are pesticide free, GMO Free, and grown in a Sustainable manner.
7. How many storefront locations do you have?
At this time we only have our Parkdale Location (3406 3rd Ave NW, Calgary, AB). We also have a food truck that goes to special events, private catering functions, street lunch services, and festivals. Follow us on tweeter (@avataratweets) to find out the food truck location, or download the Street Food App.
8. Can I buy your pizza crust?
Yes you can. You can purchase the crust from our Restaurant, or at the Food Truck.
8. Do you deliver your products city wide?
Yes we do. The more notice you give us, especially if you live on the other side of the City, the more efficient we can be about delivering your order. You should keep in mind that if you live far away from our restaurant, there is a good possibility that your food arrives cold.
9. Who do I contact to book the food truck?
Chris at 403-333-2000 or
10. Where do I find the food truck's location?
You can find it posted on our twitter feed and also on the food truck App
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