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Environment and Community

We have a strong commitment towards environmental stewardship for the benefit of everyone in the community. We are a company proud of promoting Zero Waste policies and ensuring that our facilities are Zero Waste. We understand that if we are to be purveyors of quality food, it is important to preserve our natural resources with a high degree of sustainability. From all the packaging materials we utilize to serve food, to the components in the design of our own storefront, to how we dispose of recyclable materials in our supply chain, the environment is always top of mind. 

We also support private and public Organizations whose goals are aligned with ours in creating awareness of Social issues, or that have a direct positive benefit in the community.

In addition to this, our loyalty and support for companies that promote a healthy food chain has always been unconditional. We have always believed that everyone should have access to excellent quality food, even if it means making less profit. The mission has always been providing good quality food on the go. 

Our business affects our lives and the environment around us every day, hopefully in a positive way. It is  our philanthropic vehicle,  and ultimately the entity that allows us to give back and be proactive in the community.

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