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Our Story


Avatara Pizza offers bold flavors for healthy hearthstone pizza, distinctive drinks, and complimentary healthy appetizers. The company has a strong interest in helping the community “Feel Good” socially, culturally, and environmentally.


Avatara started as a healthy lemonade cart on the streets of Calgary, Alberta. Excited about the opportunity of handcrafting lemonade, with real and natural ingredients, the business quickly gained traction to become a very small premium drink company. Like may other business ideas, this entity started on a credit card and without access to any real seed capital, because, as we know, the banks won’t lend you money if you don’t have any money to begin with.


During the brief months what we were a drink company, the business produced great revenues. However, it quickly became apparent that it was impossible to serve cold lemonade from an outdoor cart during the Winter months. The serious thought of combining lemonade with pizza circulated in the Fall, when we had stopped making lemonade. 

This is when Avatara was born, allowing us to operate year round, and to sell food product(s) that we could market every day no matter the weather.


Little by little we built a business, whose foundations relied more and more on products that were produced, and/or farmed sustainably and without chemicals that were toxic to humans. Over time we also introduced ingredients that were 100% Gluten Free, and made all of our facilities 100% gluten free. and also provided options for people who had other dietary restrictions, such as a Lactose Intolerance, or a Vegan diet. We've always tried very hard to get our hands on Organic ingredients, and made 75% of the menu vegetarian, with the option of always adding a clean protein to your favourite menu items. We also started buying healthy drinks that sometimes were very challenging to procure, especially when they weren’t popular, such as Organic Kombucha. 


Our loyalty and support for companies that promote a healthy food chain has always been unconditional. We have always believed that everyone should have access to excellent quality food, even if it means making less profit. The mission has always been providing good quality food on the go. 



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